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Push Up Stand



Put a new twist on push ups with the Push up stand. Push Up stand rotating grips allow arms and shoulders to move naturally. More muscles are targeted more effectively while reducing strain on wrists and joints when using Push Up stand. Push Up stand Strengthens and tones your chest, shoulders, arms, back and abs… fast! Push Up stand provides the ultimate upper body workout! Push up stand is portable and works on any floor surface – great for home, office and travel. Push Up stand is a must for anyone who is serious about getting in shape.
Jack Zatorski, the world record holder for pushups recommends the Push up stand. Whether you’re 8 or 80, beginner, advanced, or an expert at doing push ups, the Push up stand is for you. Each handle on the Pushup stand features a rotating hand grip that allows your arms to twist naturally while you exercise. This movement is similar to throwing a punch or pressing up a dumbbell.
This feature is exclusive to the Push up stand and is designed to work even more muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest and back. And as you work out harder, you’re also working out smarter, because the rotating hand grips reduce strain on your wrists and elbows and it helps to stabilize and balance your back and shoulders.
The Pushup stand is designed to give you a comfortable, safe, and effective workout every time. Great for all fitness levels. Push Up stand rotating push up grips. Strengthens and tones chest, arms, shoulders, back, abs and more. Comes with upper body workout guide. So what are you waiting for order your Pushup stand today!
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