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Bun Tail



The Bun tail is perhaps the most versatile celebrity hairstyle known till date. There are various types of pony tail styles as the classy or professional depending on the desire of the user. A majority of women prefer to have a bun, because it saves their time to manually set their hair for any type of gathering or party. In order to compliment the women; the cyber Tele Shop has come up with a unique product of its kind as the Bun Tail.

The Bun tail is basically a set of two bun tails of two different colors as the black and brown. With the help of the bun tails, you can instantly design the bun in minutes. You can design different types of pony tails with this product as the classic pony or perfect buns. You can select the any design as per your convenience and requirement.  

All the women who want to have the instant solution to attend some party or meeting, then they can’t find anything useful than this versatile product. You can easily set the bun tails in minutes without the need to go to the beauty parlor or salon. The Bun tail is crafted from the durable elastic material that ensures its durability for a long period of time.

The Bun Tails come in two different colors as the black and brown. Both the colors compliment the natural hair color of a majority of individuals, so you do not need to worry about anything.

The Bun tail could be the perfect hair accessory for all women’s who doesn’t have enough time to get ready for a casual or formal function. This versatile hairs add on is marketed in Pakistan by the official franchise of the Cyber Tele Shop. You can easily place an order for this product by logging to the official website of the Cyber Tele Shop.

Additional Features of the Bun Tail:

  1. Instant solution of pony tails
  2. Comes in two different colors
  3. Made from durable nylon for more durability
  4. Extremely lightweight
  5. Portable

Package Contains:

2 x Bun Tails



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