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Fancy Dumbbells



The fancy dumbbells are just like the other dumbbells, but it has a fancy look. These are beautiful dumbbells that are suitable for both male and female of all ages. These fancy dumbbells works like the traditional dumbbells to tone and shape the body. These dumbbells are specifically designed for females and it can be used even in the carpeted room.

These dumbbells come in different weight that can be used for aerobic workouts. With the help of these fancy dumbbells, you can get your dream body posture in considerably less amount of time. These dumbbells can get you the physique of a true sportsman or sportswomen in its true sense.

The Fancy dumbbells can be even used by kids of all ages. These dumbbells are coated with the highest quality rubberized material that doesn’t damage easily. These dumbbells can be used both in homes and gym.

Additional Features:

  1. Professional Grade Dumbbells
  2. Can be used in both home and fitness centre
  3. Coated with rubberized material
  4. Suitable for kids, male and female
  5. Comes in different weight capacity

Package Includes:

 1 x Dumbbells of required weight




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