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Massage Slippers



The Massage Slippers is not just like the ordinary slipper, instead it is a revolutionary slipper designed to effortlessly massage the foot during walking. The secret of the massage slippers lies in the ancient science of acupressure and reflexology technology. The reflexology technology is a technology helps to improve or heals the certain disorders of the body by putting a certain amount of specific pressure on the specific areas of the foot.

The Massage Slippers features twistable nodes that first twist and bend and then comes upward to its previous position. This regular twisting and pressing helps to massage the specific areas of the foot with minimal effort. The Massage Slippers is beneficial for all the patients suffering from Diabetes. The Massage Slippers helps to balance the hips and pelvis of the body during walking.

The Massage Slippers are very easy to use. All you have to do is to just slip on the slippers as the normal slipper and walk slowly. It is important to mention that some patients may feel pain at the start, but that’s usual and it can easily be gone in 1-2 weeks after regular usage.

If you want to place an order of this product, then you just have to dial the number 0300.4252400 from your mobile or landline number.

Specifications of the Massage Slippers:

  1. Quality Massage Slippers
  2. Helps to massage the foot with the help of acupressure and reflexology techniques
  3. Helps to improve certain disorders of the body
  4. Beneficial for diabetic patients
  5. Effortlessly working
  6. Prevents illness
  7. Easy to use

Box Contains:

1 x Massage Slippers


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