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We welcome you to the realm of CyberTeleShop.com, specialized in top notch hidden cameras, steel Racks, Kitchen Appliances, Health care products, fitness products, Beauty products and other home care products. All these products are supplied by reliable, recognized and trusted international brands. The Cyber Tele Shop is your one stop shop to get your dream products at affordable rates. By entering our Online Shopping Website you will find the wide range of product under one roof. At least one of our products will certainly fulfill your taste, aesthetic and purpose. Cyber Teleshop is sister concern of Telebrands Pakistan and our goal is to revive and enliven the life of our customers by providing the inspirational home solutions right at your door step. The Cyber Teleshop has complete range of finest quality products that can be delivered according to your desired living place in less possible time.

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Our online shop is regularly upgraded to furnish you with the most recent version of the products and gadgets. Visit our web journal to keep you updated with the latest news. You can also check our blogging section for online shopping innovation. Stay in contact with our devoted customer service department by using the helpline at 0300-4252400. You can also send your queries, orders and suggestions at order@cyberteleshop.com

Featured Products:

  • Motorized Treadmill WH 6008D Black massager 3.0 HP

    Motorized Treadmill WH 6008D Black massager 3.0 HP

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  • Apple Air Bike

    Air Apple Bike

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  • Hot Shapers Belt in Pakistan

    Hot Belt

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  • camera pen pakistan

    Smart Pen

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  • Wall Rack System

    Wall Rack System

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  • 5 in 1 Sofa cum bed Pakistan

    5 in 1 Sofa Cum Bed

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  • Sauna Belt

    Sauna Belt 2 in 1

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  • Hair Building Fiber Oil

    Hair Building Fiber Oil

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  • GSM Sim Phone Device

    GSM Sim Phone Device

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  • GSM Security Alarm System

    GSM Security Alarm System

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  • Car Pressure Washer

    Car Pressure Washer

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  • Car Air Compressor

    Car Air Compressor

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  • Automatic Hand Dryer Pakistan

    Automatic Hand Dryer

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  • Ab King Pro Machine Pakistan

    AB King Pro in Pakistan

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  • Sandhi Sudha Plus Pakistan

    Sandhi Sudha Plus

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  • Pakistan Foot and leg massager

    Foot and Leg Massager

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  • Hot Shapers

    Hot Shapers

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  • Caboki Pakistan

    Caboki Hair Fiber

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 Latest Products:


    Ingco Car Pressure Washer 1800 Watt HPWR18008

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    Ingco Car Pressure Washer 1400 Watt HPWR 14008

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  • massage-slipper-brown

    Massage Slippers

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  • Rubber Dumbbells

    Rubber Dumbbells

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  • Flex Tape

    Flex Tape 4″ x 5′

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  • Mothers Chrome Polish

    Mothers Chrome Polish

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  • Mothers Vinyl Leather Rubber Care 24 Oz

    Mothers Vinyl Leather Rubber Care 24 Oz

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  • Mothers Waterless Wash and Wax 24 Oz

    Mothers Waterless Wash and Wax 24 Oz

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  • Mothers Speed Spray Wax 24 Oz

    Mothers Speed Spray Wax 24 Oz

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  • Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 5 Oz

    Mothers Speed Clay 2.0 5 Oz

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