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Massage Chair


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Massage chair has 6 pre-programmed massages—make it ‘one-button easy’ to completely relax your whole body. Built-in heat makes massage feel even better—heat therapy further relaxes your muscles and enhances the soothing effects of each massage. 

Features of Osim imedic massage chair:

– 4 massage roller system on the upper body, and kneading discs on the calf 
– 3 automatic massage programme to provide a deep massage for the full back, upper back and lower back 
– A rejuvenating stretch programme for revitalizing and stretching of the upper body 
– Foot, ankles and calves massage 
4 manual massage programmes for the entire body – Kneading, Tapping, Rolling and Dual (Kneading and Tapping) massage 
– Soothing Air massage for arms and palms 
– Seat massage with airbags 
– Voice-guided shoulder detection function at the start of each automatic programme 
– Automatic shoulder detection function 
– Shoulder position adjustments (Hi, Mid, Low) 
– Roller width adjustments (Wide, Mid, Narrow) 
– Massage speed adjustments for Kneading, Tapping and Dual massage 
– Manual foot slide adjustments for maximum comfort 
– Auto timer function of 15 minutes 
– Foldable backrest for easy storage 
– Castors located at the back of the chair to facilitates easy movement 

– Relieves fatigue 
– Improves blood circulation 
– Relaxes tired and stiff muscles 
– Reduces pain from neuralgia 
– Relieves muscle pain 


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