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Baby Tent House



The Baby Tent house is basically a small sized tent house that is especially designed for kids. The tent house comes with the windows and door opening. The size of the window and door opening can easily accommodate kids without any problem. The best thing about the Baby Tent house is that the overall assembling and dis-assembling of this device is also very simple and easy.

Another coolest feature of the baby tent house is that it can be used both in indoor and outdoor. The cottage is in fact the dream house of any baby. One baby tent house is enough for two small kids. The structure of the baby tent house is made from the flexible rod. This rod helps the cottage to stay in one shape.

The baby tent house could be the perfect option to keep at homes, schools, education centers and so on. The baby tent house is marketed in Pakistan under the franchise of the Cyber Tele Shop. All you have to do is to call at the number 0333-4115583 to place your order.

Additional Features of the Baby Tent House:

  1. Full size tent house for kids
  2. Can quick open and wrap it up
  3. Suitable for 1-2 kids
  4. Can be used in indoor and outdoor

Package Includes:

1 x Baby Tent House


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