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MM Force Treadmill MM-A30



If you are looking to purchase a professional treadmill for your purposes, then one such product is offered by the official franchise of the Cyber Tele Shop named as the MM Force Treadmill MM-A30.

The MM Force Treadmill MM-A30 is basically a top quality treadmill that is fully equipped with 4.5 HP durable and reliable motor that can easily support the maximum user weight up to 150 Kilograms in total.

The top speed of the machine is up to 18 Km/Hr and it is equipped with the 70 x 26 professional grade running surface. For durability purposes, the MM Force Treadmill MM-A30 is equipped with jumbo hydraulic springs that help to absorb the shocks up to six different levels.

The MM Force Treadmill MM-A30 also features the auto-inclination and it also supports the automatic oiling tube. The automatic oiling tube helps to oil the treadmill automatically when it is required by the machine.

As far as the multimedia options of the machine is concerned; the MM Force Treadmill MM-A30 features the dedicated Aux In Port and USB Port that allows the customers to easily enjoy their favorite tracks along with the workout.

If you have made up your mind to purchase this versatile quality treadmill, then all you have to do is to just log on to the official website of the Cyber Tele Shop and that’s all.

Additional Specifications of the MM Force Treadmill MM-A30:

  1. Top quality professional grade treadmill
  2. Equipped with the 4.5 durable motor
  3. Can support the maximum user weight up to 150 KG in total
  4. Features the dedicated automatic oiling tube
  5. Comes with the USB Port, Cooling Fan and USB port
  6. Lightweight

Box Contains:

1 x MM Force Treadmill MM-A30


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