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Nose and Ear Clips



The nose and ear clips are a clip designed to insert in the ear and noose region. The main purpose of these clips is to protect the nose and ear region from the water during swimming. The ear clips can also be used to protect the ear from sudden heavy sound which might damage the ear drum or ear. Both the clips are made from the finest quality Silicon that doesn’t get damaged easily and lasts for months.

The Nose and Ear Clips is suitable for both the men and women of all ages. The normal usage of the ear clips protects your ear from sudden harsh sound. Moreover, it also protects your hair from dust and dirt.

Both the nose clip and ear clips are 100% brand new and comes with its original packing. The nose and ear clips are suitable for both women and men from all walk of life. Both the clips are perhaps the ideal solution for all swimming needs. The Ear and nose clips are offered by the company of the Cyber Tele Shop. All the customers have to dial the number 0333-4115583 from their mobile phones.

Additional Features:

  1. Multipurpose pair of ear clip and a nose clip
  2. Made from the finest quality and durable silicon
  3. Can be used during swimming and other purpose
  4. Can help to protect the nose and ear from dust and dirt

Package Includes:

1 x Nose Clip

2 x Ear Plug


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