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Pool Cap



Pool caps have become very popular for the last decade. These caps are also known as the Swimming Cap. The reason for this popularity is that they not only protect the hair of the swimmer from different objects in the water, but it also helps to enhance the performance of the swimmer.

This is not all; the pool cap also helps to reduce the friction and these caps also help to keep the hair out of the mouth and eyes of the wearer. In this way, the wearer can better focus on their swimming rather than keep the layers of hair from their eye or mouth.

The Pool cap is made from the finest material that is stretchable. The size of the pool cap is adjustable; all the users just have to wear the cap just by adjusting it over their head and after that they can continue with swimming. The pool cap can also be used to protect the hair of the wearer from dust and dirt.

The best thing about the pool cap is that it doesn’t require the application of any carrier or oil before or during the use. All the users just have to wear this cap on their head as they wear the normal cap. You will certainly experience the true meaning of swimming after wear this cap.

Additional Features:

  1. Multipurpose cap for swimming and other purposes
  2. Protects the hair of the wearer from water, chemical and dirt
  3. Made from stretchable material
  4. Comes in different colors

Package Includes:

1 x Pool Cap


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